A7L-B Components
 Apollo A7L-B Spacesuit
 Adam Savage wearing a spacesuit I made for him (photo by Norman Chan)
 Armstrong A7L
 Lovell A7L
 A7L Components
 Armstrong Lunar EVA gloves used in  First Man . I made all the gloves for the movie using a 3D scan of Armstrong’s actual glove in the Smithsonian as a reference. The checklist sewn to the gauntlet (only done on Apollo 11) is an exact copy.
 Snoopy Caps
 I made the Apollo Snoopy caps used in  First Man , including the unique “Armstrong” style worn by Ryan Gosling.
 Alan Bean (LMP, Apollo 12) trying on one of my replica suits.
 Apollo penlight replica I machined out of brass.
 Lunar overshoes for Adam
 Me and Charlie Duke (LMP, Apollo 16)
 Hasselblad Camera Replicas
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