A7L-B Components
 Apollo A7L-B Spacesuit
 Adam Savage wearing a spacesuit I made for him (photo by Norman Chan)
 Armstrong A7L
 Lovell A7L
 Armstrong Lunar EVA gloves used in  First Man . I made all the gloves for the movie using a 3D scan of Armstrong’s actual glove in the Smithsonian as a reference. The checklist sewn to the gauntlet (only done on Apollo 11) is an exact copy.
 Snoopy Caps
 I made the Apollo Snoopy caps used in  First Man , including the unique “Armstrong” style worn by Ryan Gosling.
 A7L Components
 Alan Bean (LMP, Apollo 12) trying on one of my replica suits.
 Lunar overshoes for Adam
 Hasselblad Camera Replicas
 Apollo penlight replica I machined out of brass.
 Me and Charlie Duke (LMP, Apollo 16)
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